This year's season runs from
Saturday, April 29 - Sunday, September 17th,


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Ann Flink,

Marshall Godfrey,
Vice President
Danny Dever, Sec./Treasurer
Bobby Patton

Troy Belver

Lester Richards

Resalba Merchant 
Paul Sutphin
Pam White
Edward Suarez

I'm sure our birds will be back for this year's science lesson.
Check out the mural at the Pool, please help me in thanking
Jill Holechek and Ross Hill
for their beautiful work of art.

Opening day Party for NEW MEMBERS
We are planning an open day party on Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

We are excited to team up with July Moreno, Founder of the Mermaid Society SMTX to promote her organization, which is a community partnership to work creatively and collaboratively towards a shared vision in support of the arts, river stewardship. historic preservation and a local living economy. So invite your friends out to the Country Estates Pool facility on opening day. Maya the Mermaid will be on site for photos and fun! We will be showing off the mermaid we carved out of one of the trees that was taken down.
 Lastly, July will provide an update regarding the upcoming mermaid festival scheduled in September and how you can join in on the fun.

There will be no charges assessed for guest fees.
New members will be served hamburgers and hot dogs around 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Many Thanks to all the folks that came out on Saturday for Pool Work Day
Bernhard Bley, Troy & Carol Belver, Joe Merchant, Heather Gatewood & her 2 girls, Bella & Zoe, Anne & Joey Flink, Kathie Keyes, Brian Meelbusch, Danny Dever, John Tucker, Courtney Landsbaum, Bob & Cindy Gratz and others I may have missed in this thank you.
NEW MEMBERS who have joined in 2017

David and Kara Grotheim - sponsor Ashley Chagnon

Joel & Lauren Lowry
Melissa Allen & R. Trejo
Melissa & Joshua Kingston
Alex & Martha Lincoln
Brenda Smith & Barry James
                                                   LETTER to the MEMBERSHIP
February 10, 2017

Dear Members;
The 2017 pool season will be here before you know it. I want to share some information regarding our facility. The pool was built in 1976 by a small group of visionary Country Estates property owners who saw the opportunity to create an outdoor recreation facility that could be enjoyed, not only by the residents of Country Estates, but families outside of our subdivision, as well. Now, over 40 years later, we are proud of the summer tradition our facility has become for our membership. Our heritage was cultivated by Coach Elston Golson, who managed our facility for over 15 years.
Today, our primary goal is to offer swimming lessons to any child in our area, regardless of membership, so they become comfortable with water while developing proficient swimming and water safety skills. The CERA Board has elected to keep membership fees at the same level as last year, but has
issued a challenge to every member to bring in a new member to the association in 2017. We are faced with some challenging maintenance issues, primarily re-surfacing our tennis courts ($10K) and re-plastering our pool ($40K). The best way to pay for these improvements is through membership expansion, otherwise the alternative will have to be assessed through membership fee increases, which nobody wants to see.
We are pleased to announce Kathi Keyes will be our pool manager again for the 2017 season. We have big plans this year for a variety of family oriented events for the membership to enjoy. Please visit the pool web site at www.cerapool.org for updates on dates and times. We welcome any money making ideas that will help us achieve our goals and we look forward to meeting the new member you bring in this year.
Our pool work day is scheduled for April 15 and we could use your help in getting our facility ready for
opening day.
Danny Dever, Sec./Treasurer CERA Pool
This group of college students participated in Bobcat Build and came out on April 1st to help out on some clean up projects to make our facility look great. Thanks for your help.
Catholic Student Organization
You can join the Country Estates Pool by following the blue steps to the right and payment below to register online;

STEP 1 - Fill out Address Update
STEP 2 - Download the CERA Rules
STEP 3 - Complete the Membership Acknowledgement Agreement
STEP 4 - PAY ONLINE (button below)

Other Forms;
Swimming Lesson enrollment
Party Request 
Pay Memberships Fees on-line here
There are a number of special projects that need additional funding in order to be completed, so we are giving the members an opportunity to help us meet our goal and fund the type of project you support.

Re-Plaster the big pool (est. $40K)

Tennis Court Resurfacing (est. $10K)

So click on the donate button, give what you can to some good projects at CERA, and don't forget to tell us what project you support.

CERA Board of Directors
Danny Dever, Sec./Treasurer
Golson Family for the Park dedication to Elston Golson for his 15+ years in teaching and taking care of our facility.
A Word about Coach Golson
We lost a great man who had an impact on Country Estates Pool like no other person ever has..... Coach Elston Golson !
I am proud that we were able to dedicate our park to him, that event meant a great deal to him and his family at the dedication ceremonies. Let us all carry
on those traditions and say "thank you Coach".
Pool Manager for 
2017 season is

Kathi Keyes

It is important to keep your address and e-mail information up to date. 
on-line form

Having a party without notification to the Pool Manager is grounds for terminating your membership at Country Estates Pool. 

EVERY MEMBER must sign in at the front desk. Pay guest fees for friends attending with you. Please help us in making CERA the best outdoor pool facility in San Marcos.
First United Methodist Church Faith Run.

Last Saturday in May
San Marcos Runners Club
Race middle of Sept.
Golson Park was dedicated on May 1st, 2012 in honor of Coach Elston Golson.
Pool Grounds are looking Good !

A big THANK YOU to the Angel Drops organization for their donation of grass which was left over from the Dawn Breihan Hopp Memorial Fitness Track project at Crockett Elementary.
Visit Angel Drops on the web at
www.angeldrops.org and get involved in this group of movers and shakers that are promoting healthier life styles for kids.
NEWS   F L A S H !!!
Pass the word about the web site for the pool.