Country Estates Home Owner Association
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The Trenching Project is  completedto fight Oak Wilt.
Thank you for your support....

Resident supporters listed below

A 54" deep trench that is about 3" wide
Letter to Residents regarding  the Oak Wilt trenching project.
Troy Belver - 2 properties     $250.00
Donna & Curtis Reagan         $125.00
Danny & Pam Dever              $125.00
Patty Polk                              $125.00
John & Marla Johnson            $125.00
Joe Schneider                         $125.00
Gary Aron                               $125.00
Roberts - 2 properties            $250.00
Wesley Pair                            $125.00
Whitenberg                             $125.00
Troy & Kathy Wallace             $125.00
Lester Richards                       $125.00
Ralph Meyer                            $125.00
Sharon Peters - 3 properties  $375.00
James & Celia Yeary               $125.00
Ed & Linda Burkhardt              $125.00
Jill Grossman                           $125.00
Tim Walsh & Helen Mehan      $125.00
John Clark                                $125.00
Robert Patton                           $125.00
Glen Rydl                                   $125.00
James & Barbara Bynum          $125.00
Robert & Cindy Gratz                $125.00
Paula Williamson                      $125.00
Cub & Carol Curtiss                   $125.00
Mark & Brenda Boucher            $125.00
Ronnie Mendez                          $125.00
Dennis O'Neill                           $125.00
Susan Smith & Bill Ricker         $125.00
Kevin Steed                               $125.00
Darryl & Rhonda White             $125.00
Raymond Helm                          $125.00
Ronald & Linda Dunham            $250.00
George Carruthers                     $125.00
Jack & Annalia Mutschlechner   $125.00
Bill & Sandra Stouffer                $125.00
Cassia Hodge                              $125.00
Jack & Virginia Eben                   $125.00
Paul Sutphen                               $125.00
Kevin & Tracy Ryan                    $125.00
Edith Lightfoot                            $125.00
Sam & Linda Banks                    $125.00
Bryan Bell / Isabelle Lesay       $125.00
William Partin                             $125.00
David & Judith Sherrerd             $125.00
James Kelly                                 $125.00
Mike & Myra McCoy                  $1,000.00
Buel & Ruth Peevy                      $125.00
Cynthis Heard                             $125.00
Delbert & D.J. Domstead            $125.00
Wilbon & Ginger Davis               $125.00
Joshua & Abby Nusbaum            $125.00
Monty & Nancy Nusbaum            $125.00
HW & Margy Altenhoff                 $125.00
Gerhardt & Lorelle Schulle          $125.00
BJ & Pixie Hageman Jr.               $125.00
Sunethra & Nihal Dharmasiri       $125.00
Wes & Tammy Bingham               $125.00
Gary & elizabeth Lloyd                 $125.00
Michael & Dolores Guzaldo          $125.00
Brian & Cathy Allen                       $125.00
Brad & Courtney Landsbaum        $125.00
Charles & Adria Tabor                   $125.00
Santiago Rico                                 $125.00
Edward & Gloria Suarez                $125.00
Jodi Adams & John Tucker            $125.00
Country Estates Rec. Assoc.          $375.00
Rios Family                                    $200.00
Daniels Property                            $125.00
Bill Gray                                          $125.00
Hannon Property                            $125.00
Chris & Jill Holechek                      $125.00
Pam White                                      $125.00
John Yarchuska                              $125.00
Catlyn Bone                                    $125.00
as of Sept. 25th

Please join us for National Night Out(NNO)
at the pool on Tuesday, Oct. 4 for BBQ and
pot luck and a chance to meet your neighbors.
This is a recent response I received from Clay Bales with the Texas Forestry:
You mentioned that some residents have questions about past oak wilt and have other questions about oak wilt and other tree issues.  Feel free to pass along this information as desired.

Attached above is a map showing all of the information that I have regarding past Oak Wilt and trenching in Country Estates. 

For homeowners in the trench areas, they can increase the effectiveness of the trench by “rogueing” healthy trees just inside the trench line.  Rogueing means to push over with a bulldozer.  It basically widens the trench line effectiveness, and it tries to break and kill any roots which may be going deeper than the 54” inch trench.  The original 36” trench done in 1993 we now know wasn’t deep enough.  The later 54” trenches should have been deep enough and we have 74% success at this depth.  The trenches that broke out at this depth in Country Estates were probably due to a geology situation which allow roots to go deeper than this in certain areas.  Rogueing can be effective against this problem.

Homeowners can find information on diagnosing and managing oak wilt at the website  On this website, there are Videos on how to inject fungicide into trees in danger of getting oak wilt.  There are also lists of Oak Wilt trained Certified Arborists, Injection Vendors and Trenching Vendors.

If landowners are unfamiliar with oak wilt, they can visit this website to get a basic introduction.

If landowners are worried they have oak wilt, they can contact an Oak Wilt Trained Certified Arborists from the site (or talk with Troy Belver who has a good understanding of the issue).  

These same landowners may have other tree related or disease related questions which can be answered by the above Arborists.  They can also visit for information on tree insects and diseases.  This site also has fire-related information.

Clay Bales, CF CA |
Texas A&M Forest Service
6330 HWY 290 East, #115 | Austin, TX 78723
p: (512) 339-3772 | f: (512) 339-6329 | |
Oak Wilt is back... and we are still fighting the spread
The trenching has been completed for the area identified in the recent review by the Texas Forest Service and Bill Grey, resident within the effected area of CE. The total cost of the project for approx. $2300 with the Forest Service providing a reimbursement of about $1,100.

The Country Estates Home Owner Association met on Saturday,
June 26 at 1604 Mustang Lane to discuss the spread of Oak Wilt in the area that was effected years ago.

Action items;
  • Get bids on trenching
  • Select Company
  • Perform Trenching
  • Review Work
  • Payment
  • Submit billing to State for 40% reimbursement
It is estimated that the length of the trench will be approx. 800 ft.
Estimated at $3 to $5 per ft. for trenching.

More information to come along with contact info and neighbor maps.

Walk your property and check your trees.